Icecon 2016 is happy to announce that the venue for the convention is Iðnó. It was built in 1897 and is one of Reykjavik’s most historic buildings. It is located at the heart of Reykjavik next to city hall and Tjörnin (our local pond/lake). It is our hope that this spectacular venue will create great atmosphere for the convention. Here is a site were you can read a bit more about the venue.

In Iðnó there is a nice coffee shop so all convention members should be well caffeinated between panels and other events. The coffee shop also has a liquor license and will serve as a bar for the Saturday’s evening Halloween party.

Here is a Youtube video where you can see the exterior and the smaller of the two rooms:

This will not be the first time that SFF fans attend as in September 2015 Kim Stanley Robinson, who attended the Reykjavik literary festival in 2015, performed part of his book Aurora for a packed house.

The main convention room is beautiful, has a nice balcony (to the right) and should serve the convention needs perfectly.


Iðnó’s address is : Vonarstræti 3, 101 Reykjavík. See Iðnó on a map.


Iðnó is an old building but it has made improvements to its accessibility so that everyone can enjoy the building. There is a ramp up to the entrance, a wheelchair elevator to the second floor and a wheelchair accessible toilet on the first floor (other toilets are on the second floor). The doorsteps are elevated (about 5 cm / 2 in) but hopefully they will not present an insurmountable problem.

The only thing we are not happy with is the stage, which is not wheelchair accessible. We are currently working on this problem and will consult with professionals to try and solve this.

If you have an observation regarding our venue please let us know and send us an email at: icecon2016(at)